Frequently Asked Questions about NH Center

Q1: What is NH Center?

A1: NH Center is a learning and earning platform that offers members the opportunity to learn new skills and earn money online through various activities, including affiliate product promotion, service provision, and referrals.

Q2: How can I join NH Center?

A2: To join NH Center, you need a reference from an existing member. Once you have a reference, you can fill out the joining form on our website and pay the joining fee.

Q3: What is the joining fee?

A3: The joining fee for NH Center is 2000 BDT. This fee is required to become a member and access the learning resources and earning opportunities on the platform.

Q4: How can I earn money on NH Center?

A4: NH Center provides multiple ways to earn money, including:

  • Promoting affiliate products and earning commissions.
  • Referring new members and receiving referral rewards.
  • Providing online services and getting paid for your skills.

Q5: When are the earnings calculated and disbursed?

A5: NH Center calculates earnings on a monthly basis. On the 5th of each month, your total earnings for the previous month are calculated, and the shared revenue is disbursed accordingly.

Q6: Can I leave NH Center anytime?

A6: Yes, you can choose to leave NH Center at any time. However, please note that any pending earnings will be processed according to the monthly calculation and disbursement cycle.

Q7: What kind of training does NH Center provide?

A7: NH Center offers video training to help you learn how to market the platform effectively. These training materials are designed to enhance your affiliate marketing and online service provision skills.

Q8: Can I track my earnings and activities on the platform?

A8: We are working on its. Currently all the earnings will be registard and will be shared live.

Q9: How does the referral system work?

A9: NH Center’s referral system allows you to refer new members to the platform. When a new member joins using your reference, you earn an instant reward of 500 BDT. Additionally, you’ll earn a share of their future earnings.

Q10: Is NH Center legitimate and safe to use?

A10: Yes, NH Center operates transparently and is committed to providing genuine earning opportunities. We follow legal compliance and ensure the security of your information.

For any other questions or clarifications, feel free to contact our support team at We’re here to assist you on your journey with NH Center!